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The H1-B Application Process

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The H1B Visa Application Process is a common part of every program where you want to obtain a work visa. What is this process and what can you expect?

The visa application process usually takes from 10 days to at least 60 days to process. Usually, employers start the application process for the temporary worker in several stages. Generally, there are three stages to it: a background check, an interview and an official visa application.

In most countries around the world, you ha...
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l1 visa spouse

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The main focus of a prospective L1 visa spouse is the job opportunities. You will see that the prospective employee becomes very keen in his or her job prospects.

Thus the person considering your application for a L1 visa spouse becomes very meticulous in maintaining that status quo in his work life. The employer will need that person to be physically present in the United States for an extended period of time. Thus it becomes necessary to get a work visa which allows you to come back t...
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